Bill’s Restaurant - Reviewed by Dinertec, Apr 16, 2015

Rating: 3/5

  • 22-24 West Nile Street
  • Glasgow

The Starsky and Hutch ring tone rang out from my mobile during a top secret meeting with my new mole. A guy has to aim high in the world of detectives, but it certainly raised an eyebrow with my snout.

Toots had arranged a rendezvous for us at a new city hot spot. “Meet me at 7pm” was the cryptic text as she tried to put a little bit of mystery into our weekly Date Night. They seem to be all the rage, but the only thing about Date Nights is you have to go with her indoors.

Bill’s had just opened on West Nile Street and always wanting to be first, The Moll was straight in with her booking when they had only just opened their doors. Always a risk when a place is that new, but Toots had booked it all on her tablet thingy, far too hi-tec for me.

We sauntered along after a drink at a local wine bar – it was a bit like stepping back into the 80s, but certainly not at 80s prices. Moving swiftly on before Toots could ask for a second large vino, we came across Bill’s in the heart of the city’s jumping restaurant central.

Surrounded by burger bars and Tex Mex, I was hoping Bill’s would be a welcome relief for people like me with a gentler palate. We stepped into the warmest welcome I think I’ve ever had. Keen Kyle was on top of everything and swiftly showed us to our table.

Nothing seemed to be too much trouble and he said we could take as long as we liked with the table as there was no clock-watching. Makes a change from being told what time you are being booted out at most restaurants.

Our server was soon on hand to take the drinks order and this time we went for a little fizz, as if I don’t have enough already with Toots. Two Proseccos with a strawberry garnish were delivered to our table and got the night off to a great start.

We plumped for a ‘sharing’ potato and rosemary bread to keep the hunger pains at bay while we looked at the menu. It was packed with tasty sounding dishes and her ladyship was getting pressured to decide, as I couldn’t wait any longer.

For me the choice was clear - chargrilled sirloin steak. Toots was mulling it over between the seabass and the piri piri chicken. In the end she opted for the chicken in jar starter and chicken for the main.

Our orders were soon in and we lapped up the atmosphere. It had a rustic vibe to it, although I still wasn’t sure who Bill was. Although I had to admit the decor did remind me that Corrie’s Nick’s Bistro has just had a revamp.

The aroma of the rosemary bread was wafting over. It smelled amazing and was piping hot. A real homely treat. The Moll seemed quite happy to tuck into her chicken liver pate in a jar, but with extra gherkins on the side had she forgotten this was Date Night?

The starters soon cleared, I was looking forward to the main event. I was not disappointed. What a steak – flavour was first class and cooked just the way I like it. And the sweet potato fries on the side were delicious. For Toots it was finger-licking good. She tucked into the nippy chicken and had a winter slaw on the side.

We were certainly impressed with our first taste of Bill’s, all that remained was to take care of the cheque. It came in on the money, but we were the lucky diners who were quids in.