Catch - Reviewed by Dinertec, Apr 30, 2015

Rating: 4/5

  • 186 Fenwick Road
  • Giffnock

The Moll was fishing for compliments as she performed a twirl in her latest expensive purchase. "You like my new dress, don't you?" she demanded. "You look great," I replied, quickly. And she did.

We had decided to cast our net on the South Side, where a new fish-and-chips restaurant had opened recently. The Buick was revved up and with Toots in tow I pointed the hood towards Catch in Giffnock.

From a distance it looked like any other chippy but once inside it was easy to see why it has been billed by the owner as a "posh modern day neighbourhood fish and chip shop".

The exposed brick walls are decorated with boats, fishing nets, lobster crates and beautiful murals of harbour scenes. Toots sidled in to a comfy booth near the bustling front counter where busy staff were serving up fish supper after fish supper.

A beaming waitress handed us an extensive menu which she said was updated the previous week - less than three months after the grand opening. The owners of Catch like to keep it fresh. On the wall a huge slogan reads: "Tomorrow's fish are in the sea."

Our appetite was whetted and we got down to the business of placing our order. To start, Toots went for roasted half-shell scallops with Dingwall black pudding and garlic-and-herb breadcrumbs.

She promised to give me a taste if I shared my mac 'n' cheese starter with her and we duly made the trade when the dishes were put down in front of us. The mac 'n' cheese was creamy and under salted, the way I like it. The spicy tomato sauce side gave it a nice kick, too.

Toots' scallops were juicy and flavoursome with the added black pudding making for a strong taste sensation. Toots took her time before ordering the cod and we both opted for side orders of mushy peas and pickles.

The haddock was so big it didn't fit on the platter, which included a generous portion of twice-cooked chips, tangy tartar sauce, a side salad and a vinegar mist spray. The batter was crisp and light and the delicious fish flaked nicely when it was forked. The pickles were crunchy with a sharp taste you would expect, while the mushy peas were thick and creamy.

As I tucked in I looked up and Toots was in her element. "This is a feast," she said, shovelling a mouthful of cod past her freshly painted lips.

We were both hungry before we arrived, but the huge portions defeated us. However, we took a break between courses and the time gave us a chance to soak up the atmosphere.

The owner easily filled the place on a rainy week night, which also saw dozens of comfort-food-seeking customers at the takeaway counter.They eyed our food enviously as they waited on their orders while a compilation of soul and rock classics played on the sound system.

After sitting for a few minutes we almost decided we were too full for desserts, but the pleasant surroundings persuaded us to stay for longer. We were glad we did. The zesty lemon posset and Toots' oversized chocolate brownie smothered in chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream made for a perfect end to the meal.

We were snagged by Catch - hook, line and sinker - and we'll definitely be back.