Puccini - Reviewed by Dinertec, Aug 13, 2015

Rating: 3/5

  • 43 Main Street Cumbernauld
  • Glasgow
  • G67 2RT
  • Tel: 01236 737621

The sun was almost over the yardarm as I sat back in Tec Towers, perusing my domain and wondering if the phone would ever ring again. Things were looking grim on the old folding paper front. Boracic had become my middle name and I was avoiding the love of my life. Her frequent hungry refrain was a persistent noise running through my head.

With that thought the front door crashed into its frame. A voice bellowed down the hall and Toots clattered into the room. “Tec, Tec,” she cooed. “I have a treat for you.”

Tec, being the brave soul that he is, faced his heavy breathing love and waited. “Ernie’s come up trumps,” she yelled. “Finally after all these years my numbers have hit the jackpot and I want to treat you to a slap up nosh.” The floor was soft, and as I picked myself up and the cogs started turning I let my imagination wander.

The Buick was calling as Toots took my arm and hauled me down the stairs. I gunned the motor and we hit the high road to Cumbernauld. The Puccini Bar and Restaurant beckoned as we hit Main Street.

The frontage glowed in the early evening light. I even thought I heard the strains of a violin in the background. This was a whole new experience for the Moll and me, but the word on the street was you got the goods for the cash you paid. And no one ever said no to an Italian.

“Let’s go the whole hog,” said my sweetness and light. “Forget the pre-theatre and we’ll go à la carte.”

The tastebuds were in overdrive at this particular spaghetti shack’s philosophy of the finest, freshest ingredients and the most authentic vibrant flavours creating food like ‘mamma used to make’.

In no time at all we were seated and scanning the scran. Dish after dish made my eyes pop. We plumped for the minestrone soup and king prawns with chilli, garlic and parsley. And while we waited we relaxed in the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

But there was hardly any time to take it all in as the first course arrived with the promise of the main course hot on its heels. So we tucked in and ate with gusto.

The food melted in our mouths. And with hardly any time to let it digest the mains arrived – two steaming plates of food. The Moll was almost drooling as she tasted the rich chicken, broccoli and cream with penne pasta. Yours truly tackled the mussels in a tomato and chilli sauce. There was enough heat to have you reaching for the water and at the same time the moreishness had you stuffing your mouth as quickly as possible.

And then to add to the cruelty, the dessert selection landed on the table. I baulked at the thought of more food but Moll, being a game girl, went for the tiramisu. As she licked her spoon clean the look of bliss made her eyes shine.

All round it had been a feast of a treat with well cooked food, attentive staff and no damage to Tec’s wallet.