Gambrino - Reviewed by Dinertec, Sep 3, 2015

Rating: 4/5

  • 331-333 Great Western Road
  • Glasgow
  • G4 9HS
  • Tel: 0141 3394111

I was back in the well-manicured West End of Glasgow closing down a case that had lingered for perhaps too long. Sure, the fee was good, but it brought with it too many late nights and stakeouts and there’s another steak I’d rather have out.

I nipped down the steps at Kelvinbridge Subway Station in time to see my super bella sashay towards the turnstile. A little ray of sunshine engulfed the ticket hall. “Hey, doll,” I soothingly say, “how about a romantica along the Great Western Road?”

“I tell you this, Tec,” she responded with feeling, “I’ve never loved a better pizza. You’ve got me buzzin!” We stepped off the escalator towards one of our favourite little Italian kitchens.

“Here! What are you thinking about, stepping out into the road like that? You’ll get yourself killed. Or worse!”

“I’m thinking of you my honey bunch. You set me into a trance. But now that case is closed, it’s time for you and I to unwind, relax and enjoy.”

Safely across Park Road, we happened upon our goal, Gambrino Pizzeria. The droll moll turned the tables and opened the door for me. “It’s nice to be nice, isn’t it?” she suggested.

The staff here are among the finest we have ever met. They are attentive, but also know when to step back and leave you to your chattering and dining. They also do their best to give you the table you prefer, either in a booth by the wall or by the window to people-watch and perhaps also be noticed. We took a booth.

“Let’s have some fizz,” I said to my dining partner. “You just know what makes me get excited, Tec!” she replied. Fizz it was then. A glass each. No need for excesses despite the success of the case.

The Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene has an understated pale complexion, a bit like myself I suppose. It is also sparkling and gentle with a crisp texture. Yes, I could bottle this and put my picture on the label.

“What are you starting with, Tec?” ventured the fine one. “I reckon my old favourite of funghi fritti. Those battered deep fried mushrooms are just a sensation with the garlic mayo and salsa dip,” I replied. “And you?”

“You’re awfy mellow tonight, Tec, are you okay?”

“Of course, ma cherie. I am with you. I presume you’ll have the bruschetta al pomodoro?

“That exceptional toasted homemade bread topped with tomato, basil, oregano and garlic...”

“Oh, Tec,” said the doll, cocking her champagne flute to the side of her ruby red lips, “you know me so well.”

And so came the bruschetta and the mushrooms and as a treat, she had quietly ordered a portion of seared scallops while I’d nipped to the stall.

“Just for you, Tec. I do wish you’d treat yourself.” They were rich and plump and fragrant.

Next, we moved on to the romantica. This is the Moll’s favourite pizza in all the land with its mozzarella, tomato, cotto ham and mushroom.

As she savoured that, I tucked into the fettuccine con crema e pancetta. The pasta at Gambrino, just like the ambience, is bellissimo.

To drink, we selected a pale green, dry Trebbiano. It is a perfectly drinkable grape that sometimes gets an unfair review. We like it very much.

And to finish, we shared a beautiful strawberry dessert. “I always think of you when I see this, Toots. Happy memories.”

“Aw Tec. Does this mean after all this time you may actually, er, like me?”

“Like is too strong a word, sweetheart. But I have to agree, you are indeed good company.”