"KIMCHI?!" Toots yelled, as she peered at the menu of the tiny restaurant we stood outside on Chancellor Street.

"What the hell is Kimchi? And these other things...Bibimbap? Bao? I've never even heard of them, never mind know what they taste like...I'm not sure about this, Tec." She spluttered.

I'm pretty sure she couldn't pronounce half of the ingredients on the menu, but what I was certain of was the Moll would love the scran.

I'd heard great things about Kimchi Cult, and even though it was easy to miss from the outside, I was convinced we wouldn't be disappointed if we could find a space at one of the joint's four tables..

"C'mon dollface, give it a shot. Korean food is delicious - hot, spicy, sweet...and usually fast too." I said, sweetly.

As soon as I said 'fast' her eyes lit up. She was starving - I knew it.

"Right, let's go in, I think someone's just leaving." I said, and grabbed the Moll's arm before she could think of another excuse.

We managed to get a spot at one of the small tables, and squeezed ourselves in next to another pair of diners who were already tucking in to steaming bowls of rice and meat.

A friendly trio of chefs worked frantically behind a small glass counter beside our table, stopping to say hello to customers as they came in.

We were both taken a back when we glanced at the drinks options which were somewhat sober... Water, tea, coffee, ginger beer. No booze.

"Never mind, doll. I'll take you for a glass of fizz afterwards." I promised, as Toots glared at me across the table, her face nearly matching the colour of her red lipstick.

Scanning the menu, we settled on the spicy chicken thighs for starters. We'd been warned they were huge, so we only needed one each.

They arrived, quite unnaturally red on the outside, slathered in a sticky but spicy sauce and a perfectly crisp batter.

I could hardly get a nibble on my own chicken starter before Toots was trying to eat it. She had finished hers, as usual, in an abnormally quick time.

"Oi, your main will be here soon I'm sure. No need to tuck in to mine." I said.

The Moll scowled, but as quick as a flash our next courses arrived.

Toots wasn't feeling so adventurous and had decided to order the Kimchi Cult special burger: basically a cheeseburger with bacon and mustard but slathered with Kimchi - a fermented, spicy Korean condiment.

She went all out and had kimchi cheese fries which arrived smothered in melted cheese.

I stuck with the more traditional pork bibimbap, which was brimming with flavour.

It came in a sizzling hot stone bowl, and looked astounding with a range of vegetables, pork belly chunks, rice and a raw egg in the middle.

When I stirred it all, the egg cooked in the heat from the bowl and the whole dish smelled spicy and fresh. The vegetables gave it extra crunch and cut through the stodginess of the rice.

While I savoured my hearty dish, the Moll demolished hers within minutes, licking her polished talons until every ounce of sauce was gone.

Stomachs full, we settled the bill and went for a stroll, stopping off at one or two of our favourite boozers on the way back home.

Kimchi Cult,

14 Chancellor St, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G11 5RQ.

0141 258 8081


Gochujang glazed spicy chicken thighs x2 - £6.00


Sizzling stone bowl Pork Bibimbap - £7.00

Kimchi Cult special burger - £7.00

Kimchi cheese fries - £5.00


Water - £1.00

Green Tea - £1.50

Total - £27.50


Food 4/4

Atmosphere 4/4

Service 4/4