SNIFFING out the perfect pizza isn't an easy job - even for a top tec like myself.

Toots had dragged me around every shop in the city and emptied my bank balance in the process.

"It's Christmas hon, don't be a Grinch."

"At least the Grinch didn't have to pay for Christmas," I mumbled under my breath.

I had been hearing about this new joint called Pizza Punks, and decided to end toots shopping spree for a spot of lunch.

We entered the neon lit diner on a Saturday afternoon without booking a table.

The waitress showed us straight to our table and we soaked in the atmosphere.

Neon slogans, and a pink and blue decorated Christmas tree caught my eye but the main thing that set myself and toots off was the smell of freshly baked pizza.

"That smells amazing," I said to toots.

"Yeah but is it as amazing as that diamond ring I showed you?"

Well that was a real subtle hint if I ever heard one.

I ignore her plea for "a girl's best friend" and dived into the menu.

First thing I thought was there wasn't much choice on it.

A few starters, pizza and a few desserts.

Maybe I am the Grinch but I like a bit of choice.

We opted for candid bacon, and chilli cheese, garlic and rosemary focaccia topped with honey.

I'm not a fan of mixing savoury and sweet so the starters were a little sickly for my liking.

Toots, however, lapped it up putting her bacon on the bread while telling me more about that ring through her chewing.

Was she dropping a hint? I couldn’t tell.

With the starters gone, it was now time to choose a pizza.

Pizza Punks has an option of paying a one-off price of £9 if you want to make your own.

You can load the pizza with as much as you like and you can choose your own base or sauce.

This didn't appeal to me as I had a hard time figuring out the cheeses.

At one point I thought I would have to launch an investigation but the helpful waitress gave me the low down on what was what.

I moaned to toots: "Why can't they make it simple?"

In the end I went for Pizza Punk's version of the classic Margarita. It is called the Fior di latte, san Marzano tomato, oregano and basil pizza.

A bit too fancy for me but toots lapped this chat up.

She also lapped up the make your own pizza, having everything but the kitchen sink.

"Put some courgette on that hon," she demanded.

"Oh I'll have some mozzarella too and...and...and" at this point I lost what she was saying as her pizza ingredient list got bigger and bigger.

The pizzas arrived and we got stuck in.

Toots loved hers exclaiming, "This is amazing tec," managing to avoid mentioning that ring again.

I, however, wasn't too impressed but perhaps my expectations were higher given this joint specialises in pizza.

We saved some room to try out the desserts. I choose the strawberry cheesecake ice-cream with cookies while toots had a salted peanut caramel punk milkshake.

The ice-cream was frozen to the point of ice and left me wishing I hadn't bothered with desserts.

The cookies were also nothing special.

Toots loved her milkshake but admitted it was a bit too much to which I chuckled considering she wanted a ring of the same stature..."a bit too much".

We called for the bill, and I leaned over to toots and teased, "Don't worry you'll get your diamonds for Christmas."

Her face lit up with excitement, if only she knew I bought these 'diamonds' from the perfume counter.

Maybe I am the Grinch after all.

Pizza Punks, 90 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5UB


Food: **

Atmosphere: ****

Service: ****

The menu:


Candid bacon £3

Chilli cheese, garlic and rosemary focaccia topped with honey £3

Main courses

Punk you pizza £9

Fior di latte, san Marzano tomato, oregano and basil pizza £6


Strawberry cheesecake ice cream with cookies £4

Salted peanut caramel punk milkshake £6


Diet pepsi *3 £5.40

Soda lemonade and lime *3 £3.60

Total: £40.00