THE heat was on for me on these mean city streets. I was trying to keep a low profile after a slippery customer had got away from me.

Not the kind of reputation this gumshoe wanted.

But with Toots demanding her usual night out at the weekend, it was time to rev up the Buick and lie low somewhere outside of Glasgow.

Blondie has high expectations and I was digging deep in the told grey matter thinking where we could go. Preferably somewhere where no-one knew me.

I'd heard about a place in Renfrewshire – the Butchers Steak and Grill. A couple of pals were in charge of this place specialising in steaks so I thought it would be a safe outpost.

Toots sashayed down the staircase at Tec Towers. She was dressed to kill. A leopard print jumpsuit and Jackie O sunglasses – how this look was helping me to keep under the radar I'll never know.

Twenty minutes along the motorway and the Buick was soon pulling into Main Road in Elderslie.

This steak joint was a pub for years but seems to have found a new lease of life.

Struggling to get a table on a Saturday night until well into September, we opted for a Sunday night slot.

I feared we might be walking into a quiet place given it was a school night, but how wrong could I be. Not even 6.30pm and already the place was jumping.

Word had certainly got out. Turns out the two pals running this place run a renowned butchers along the road and the next logical step was to open up a restaurant serving their fine meats.

The prospect of dry aged steaks, burgers and sauces had me sold – this was shaping up to be my kind of place.

We had a warm welcome and were shown to a table for two. Shame the booths were gone as I could have hidden there nicely.

Our server left us to look through the menu while we sipped a couple dry Sicilian white wines.

For me there could only be one choice. It had to be the fillet for me but well done.

Toots was eyeing up the sirloin. Although there is plenty of choice for the non meat lover such as chicken and fish options, it would have been criminal not to try these dry aged steaks.

Water and bread for the table were a nice touch and with no time to spare our scran was soon delivered.

Two gorgeous looking plates of food, mushrooms and tomatoes on the side with fries.

Time to get stuck in.

I cut through mine and it was a little on the pink side for me.

Toots, who is never backwards in coming forward, piped up that I should get it done a little more.

However it couldn't bear to send it back as I was enjoying everything on the plate so much. As far as flavour goes – it was awesome. Top taste.

Her ladyship was tucking into her sirloin with triple cooked chips and onion rings.

"This is delicious, Tec. You've made some choice tonight," enthused The Moll. It's not often that I get things right but I seemed to be on to a winner here.

Maybe I should lie low outside of Glasgow more often!

She was stumped a little on the fries, but they do offer up a generous portion here.

Too full to manage pudding, we decided to pass on that and we had a couple of coffees before heading for home.

For us this old pals act was a winning performance. Trendy decor, good food and a fine reputation. What more could you ask for.

Butchers Steak and Grill

133 Main Road



Tel 01505 336710

Atmosphere 3

Food 4

Service 4


Sirloin steak £21.95

Pepper sauce £1.95

Fillet steak £24.95


Lemonade £1.05

Small water £1.50

Latte £2.20

Colomba wine £5.65

Total £59.25