The rain was bouncing off the streets the way it does in Glasgow. Big thick gloopy drops that run off your trilby and drip down the back of your trench coat.

“It’s raining cats, dogs and frogs out there” I said to the Moll, glad to be eventually home and dry.

“I want to go out” she said before I had even shaken the last drips off.

I knew there was no point arguing so suggested, given the downpour of monsoon proportions, we go for an Indian.

The destination was Madha in Albion Street. I had heard good things about it and was eager to give it a try.

It’s not easy finding somewhere to park a Buick in that part of town so we got soaked again before we were inside on dry land.

The joint looked new and word had spread around town because this was one busy ol’ curry house.

A taste of north and south India was the promise on the menu. So that’s pretty much all of India, then.

The waiting staff were very polite and friendly, eager to please.

But sometimes eagerness is not enough on its own. We ordered drinks and asked for water.

Toots opted for the Pankaj Pyaz, onion fried in batter. And it was lip-smackin’ good she was pleased to announce.

I decided on the Ajwaini Jheenga, fried prawns in ginger and garlic, dipped in batter and fried and they tasted as good as they sounded. Every last one.

We were still waiting for our water though and we asked again when the waiter came to clear the plates.

The place was packed and there was a sense of chaos which the man who looked to be in charge did little to dispel as he rushed around clutching a clipboard.

After another longer than expected wait we asked for more drinks to accompany the main course.

Toots had the Avial, from the vegetarian section which was described as the “ultimate combination of fresh seasonal veg, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves”.

It turned out that only carrots and green beans were in season.

I chose the Lamb Mapas, with cashew, tomato and coconut cream.

The taste of both dishes however, was faultless, full of flavour.

The lamb was tender and the sauce added quite a little kick even though it was not described as spicy or hot.

Our drinks didn’t arrive and neither did the water which I was really in need of now.

I felt like taking a glass and sticking it out the front door where Noah was busy checking in the animals two by two.

No sooner had we finished the mains when the drinks arrived but we had to send them back. Too late now.

Our waiter was very apologetic and swiftly came back with two glasses of water.

The food was excellent and while the waiters were undoubtedly trying their best it was too busy for them to cope with.

The layout of the restaurant needs to be reconsidered with a row of tables in what seems like a corridor linking the front area and the main dining space to the rear.

As we left, a huge queue had formed inside the front door which would not have been pleasant for those at the first tables.

Madha was a mixture of top quality, reasonably priced food but delivered in haphazard and chaotic manner.

The menu is indeed a little different form the standard Indian and caters very well or a vegetarian customer and even has a vegan menu, if that is what you require

It will be worth a repeat visit though, once they have learned to cope with the volume of customers.