A TALENTED Glasgow artist has been given a showcase for his uniquely colourful take on the city and its people.

Adrian Brannan combines up to 1000 photographs to produce dynamic and vivid images which capture the "raw appeal" of an area.

He takes years over each piece, so he can photograph locations during different seasons, using various lenses.

The centrepiece of his new exhibition will be an 8ft wide picture of the Mitchell Library - a collage created from 1000 individual photographs over four years.

Adrian, a graduate from Glasgow School of Art, said his work is a "reaction" to the digital age.

"All my work is done with film and the photography is developed in my own dark room then cut and pasted, and layered together manually to create the collage," said the 28-year-old.

"There is an overly-perfect aspect to manipulation seen in modern images.

"My photographs show a raw appeal to what's really going on in a location." Adrian's colourful collages of the Mitchell Library, top, and Ashton Lane, left, are among a host of images depicting life in glasgow

The scenes of Glasgow are on show at the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art gallery until June 9, Ashton Lane and the city's Clockwork Orange subway system.

He said: "The biggest piece is the Mitchell Library.

"I go back at different times of the year to the locations to capture varying conditions such as weather and light.

"I want to get as broad a spectrum as possible.

"The Ashton Lane picture is very popular. It's taken me by surprise."

Prints of Adrian's work, which is displayed in Southside Gallery in Govanhill, cost from £25 but some originals, such as the Mitchell Library, are sold for as much as £2500.

"My first collage was the Mackintosh building at the Art School," said Adrian.

"I was taking a picture of it and noticed how it was impossible to get it all in one single frame. People use Photoshop to get it all in one picture.

"This gave me the idea to create a collage - and it has taken off from there."

Glasgow School of Art bought the rights to the picture and the artist has since been commissioned to take pictures in Barcelona and London.