FORMER Lord Provost of Glasgow Liz Cameron is portayed as a figure from an old master's painting in her official portrait unveiled in the City Chambers.

Ms Cameron, a renowned art lover, had her image painted by Edinburgh-born Sandy Stoddart, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art.

The choice surprised some as the artist is better known for his sculptures, including one of another Glasgow Lord Provost, Pat Lally.

The chairwoman of Culture and Sport Glasgow removed her trademark glasses for the official portrait, set in a rural scene, marking her term in office.

Breaking with tradition, she is shown with the chain of office draped across her thigh, rather than around her neck.

Ms Cameron led the city from 2003 until 2007 when the post was taken by fellow Labour councillor Bob Winter.

Her painting has joined portraits of Glasgow's past Lords Provost in the civic building's gallery.