By Colin Somerville

THE fans didn't really care what the weather was like.

But the seemingly miraculous transformation from torrential rain to cloudless Edinburgh ensured fans got the gig they deserved as Oasis rocked Murrayfield.

Opening with Rock & Roll Star, this was truly punter-friendly stuff, with even those who look like they would struggle to remember their own name singing every word.

Cigarettes And Alcohol was followed swiftly by Roll With It, the homage to British seventies glam rock, with the elder Gallagher looking like a man just roused from a light sleep as he blissed out on another guitar solo.

Then Noel dedicated a song to "the missus who lives more or less across the road", before launching into The Masterplan.

"I would like to introduce our fifth and last drummer, Chris Sharrock, from Liverpool, "said Noel.

His pounding tom tom intros adorned most of what was good last night, and there is an impression the band has tired of the singalong simplicity of Wonderwall and Half A World Away.

There is another album in them yet.