A FITNESS programme used by Hollywood stars is set to shape up Glasgow as the craze swings into the city.

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and pop singer Geri Halliwell are some of the celebrities who have toned up using kettlebells.

And Glasgow-born movie star Gerard Butler used them to keep his torso in trim for his recent sword and sandals epic, 300.

Now a personal trainer has brought the fitness regime to the city.

Zander Urquhart, who developed a workout using the Nintendo Wii earlier this year, launched the outdoor exercise classes.

He has started "outdoor extreme" fitness sessions in Kelvingrove Park using kettlebell weights, which look like cannonballs with handles.

He reckons he's the first instructor outside London to run the courses and promises even the most flabby and unfit Glaswegians will see results by using the cast-iron weights which can help burn hundreds of calories an hour.

Zander, 33, of Coatbridge, said: "I've been in the industry for 17 years and as soon as I got hold of kettlebells the idea blew me away.

"There are exercises for all levels and it doesn't matter what your goals are, you will achieve them."

A single kettlebell, which can weigh between 8kg and 24kg, is used in exercises to target the whole body in hour-long group or individual sessions.

They have been around for centuries, originating in Russia where they were used for military training to get soldiers fit quickly.

The concept spread to the US and has recently been used by stars who want to shape up.

And although Zander says it can be tough at first, once people become familiear with the weights they are delighted with the impact they have on their body.

He said: "One client told me she got into some jeans which she hadn't been able to use for years. They are getting results.

"You work every muscle in your body - your heart and lungs are working and you get a great calorie burn."

The challenge of working-out without the comfort of a gym - including a 7am session - means Zander's classes are not for wimps.

But he added: "Working outdoors is fun and while you may get wet, you'll become fitter and firmer."

For more information go to www.outdoor-extreme.com