CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed a decision not to name a prison being built in Glasgow's suburbs after the town in which it will be sited.

The working title for the new jail had been HMP Bishopbriggs, a move which drew criticism from the townspeople who did not want the area to be associated with the institution.

The £100million prison, to be called Low Moss, will be built on the site of the old Low Moss jail, which was demolished recently.

The Scottish Prison Service said they decided to ditch their proposed new name after consulting with the North Strathclyde Community Justice Authority, a panel of councillors from across from six local authority areas.

Margaret McNaughton of Bishopbriggs Community Council said she was pleased with the name change, but disappointed about the way the decision had been taken.

Mrs McNaughton, who is the community council's planning convener, said: "The name has always been Low Moss, we don't want Bishopbriggs to be thought of as a prison town.

"I'm astonished it has taken them this long to see sense.

"They promised to consult with local people but instead spoke to the justice authority which is made up of people from all over the west of Scotland.

"It shows a lack of responsiveness.

"They promised to consult with local people and that didn't happen.

"The whole way this has been handled is absolutely incredible."

An SPS spokeswoman said: "We asked the CJA for suggestions. The name they came back with is Low Moss so we're going to call it Low Moss.

The campaign against calling it HMP Bishopbriggs led to 3000 people signing an online petition calling for a change of name.

Jo Swinson, the LibDem MP for East Dunbartonshire spoke in a House of Commons debate calling for the proposed name to be dropped.

She told the Evening Times yesterday: "The SPS seeking the views of the CJA was a way for them to row back from their initial position.

"Calling it Low Moss was always the sensible option. Bishopbriggs is a great town with a fantastic community.

"It does not want people to think of a prison first when they hear the name Bishopbriggs."

HMP Low Moss will have 700 cells and is expected to open in 2011.