A march by a militant Irish Republican group through Glasgow later this month has been rescheduled amid concerns over potential disorder and a lack police resources.

The West of Scotland Bands Alliance (Wosba) and Strathclyde Police struck an 11th-hour deal which will see the parade begin an hour-and-a-half earlier than organisers applied for, with the police keen to avoid the parade clashing with pubs opening.

It is the second time in seven days police and parade organisers have agreed on a last minute compromise, with a deal struck last week with the Loyalist Royal Black Institution to avoid several marches taking place in the vicinity of Celtic Park immediately after the final whistle at a home game.

The Wosba parade, scheduled for the South Side of the city on Sunday August 21, is to mark the 40th anniversary of the controversial British Government policy of internment, when hundreds of suspects were rounded up and jailed without trial across Northern Ireland in 1971.

The organisers differ from the main Scottish-based Irish Republican group Cairde na hEireann in that they are considered supporters of dissident Republicans and are not recognised by Sinn Fein.

Wosba wanted the Sunday parade to leave Queen's Park for the Gorbals at midday but police raised "significant concerns" that the route passed a number of pubs where there had been instances of disorder at parades in the past. There were also concerns that police resources would be stretched due to a match at Celtic Park that afternoon and a "Rat Race" charity event on the River Clyde beginning at 2pm

The march will now begin at 10.30am.