RANGERS legend John "Bomber" Brown has urged the club's supporters to "starve" new owner Charles Green out of Ibrox.

Speaking to thousands of fans outside Ibrox Stadium last night, the former player vowed to wage war against Mr Green and his consortium.

The Ibrox hero vowed that the fallen giants would eventually be in the hands of the fans.

And Brown – who has resigned as a Rangers scout – even questioned whether Mr Green holds the title deeds to Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park.

Addressing a crowd of around 3000 angry Rangers supporters, he said: "How do we get them out? We starve them out.

"People are asking, who are the investors? Other investors are now out the picture.

"The investors are you.

"You buy your season tickets, the strips, the pies, you are the investors. You are Rangers.

"But until we find out who is on the title deeds, we must force this lot out.

"We will buy them out – you will buy them out.

"From now on, you buy nothing."

Mr Brown even refused to rule out the Light Blue fans boycotting all fixtures.

Addressing the crowd, to cheers and loud applause, he added: "If you don't put bums on seats, Green has nothing.

"The people who will run Rangers are the people standing in front of me here.

"We are not going to be ripped off again.

"We'll spend only what we can afford and this club will go from strength to strength."

The protest, which saw thousands of fans gather outside Ibrox, sparked traffic chaos, forcing police to temporarily close Edmiston Drive.

They arrived from 6pm, wielding banners, including the messages "Rangers fans demand answers" and "We are the people".

A group of fans arrived with two dummies – dressed as former owners Craig Whyte and Sir David Murray.

The effigies were then hung from a fence across from Ibrox Stadium, with a banner which read: "Murray, Whyte, Green –same face, different name".

Brown, who played for Rangers between 1988 and 1997, has urged supporters not to buy season tickets and instead invest in his group, who, he says, will secure the funds for a planned buy-out.

Outlining why he is so determined to fight Rangers' corner, Mr Brown, 50, said: "We want Green to name his price, show us that he owns it and we'll sit down and see what we can do.

"If Charles Green's got nothing to hide he will show us his name on the title deeds.

"We don't want to buy in with Charles Green.

"The Rangers fans are going to buy out Charles Green's consortium.

"The fans will own their own club.

"There won't be a David Murray, a Craig Whyte or a Charles Green. No individual will have control of 75% ever again.

"We have investors, it's enough to take over this club and nobody is going to be running away with fortunes.

"If the fans are not putting money in, Green has no source of revenue."

Supporters at the protest remained dignified, but fans were "angry" and "desperate to get their message across".

Scott Brydon, from Partick, said: "I'm here to protest about Green – we want him out.

"I believe a fans' consortium is the way forward, I really believe it can be done."

And 81-year-old David Barr, who has been going to Rangers' games since he was two years old, said what was happening to his club was "sickening".

Mr Barr, from Govan, added: "It makes you ill to think what has happened to my club.

"I feel I have to protest about those in charge.

"Right now, Rangers need all the help they can get."

rebecca.gray@ heraldandtimes.co.uk