GLASGOW has the most affordable selection of two-bedroomed properties for rent in Scotland.

No other city can match Glasgow for its selection of cheap rentals with some flats costing almost £200 less a month than the national average.

The latest statistics come from Citylets, the UK's No1 lettings portal, and come after a major report by accountants Pricewaterhousecoopers named Glasgow as the most affordable city in Scotland as well as Northern Ireland and Wales.

Citylets senior analyst Dan Crookson told the Evening Times: "Glasgow dominates our list of Scotland's 25 least expensive areas to rent, with 12 of the city's areas featuring, making it the most affordable major city in Scotland, based on our analysis."

The list details areas that had an average rent of £500 or less a month during July-September for two-bedroomed properties - and Glasgow dominated.

Edinburgh and Aberdeen were so expensive they failed to get a mention. But 12 areas with a Glasgow postcode took up almost half the list.

It was topped by Cathcart and Croftfoot with an average rent of £500.

Govan and Ibrox came second bottom – just £23 more expesive than Bo'ness – with a rent of £439.

Mr Cookson reckons that's proof enough that Glasgow has the best selection of affordable properties particularly since the average Scottish price is £622.

He added: "In very simple terms, Glasgow is generally cheaper because the key economic measures for the city are lower than other cities such as income per capita, employment rates and house prices."

Mr Cookson said both Edinburgh and Aberdeen remained the most expensive cities in Scotland to rent.

But he stressed: "Glasgow continues to have a good mixture of rents available for those on a budget and also for those looking at the higher end of the scale."