DEPUTY First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the Glasgow launch of the Yes Scotland independence campaign last night was "the biggest and best" so far.

The broad coalition of pro-independence groups had hired a 700-seat conference suite at the city's Radisson Hotel and all but filled it.

Ms Sturgeon was joined on stage by young Glasgow trade unionist Cat Boyd and Scottish Green co-convener Martha Wardrop.

They addressed an enthusiastic and diverse crowd.

Ms Sturgeon told the gathering: "What a fantastic sight I'm looking out on now - the 'Yes' Glasgow event has been the biggest and best anywhere in the campaign."

Her view was echoed by chief executive of the Yes Campaign, Blair Jenkins, who said: "This is the biggest turn-out we've had at any event."

Campaign organisers and politicians who back independence kicked off their campaign last summer and are now looking to persuade people in Glasgow to vote Yes in 2014.

Former Labour MSP and MP, Dennis Canavan and representatives of the Scottish Socialist Party and trade unions also attended.

The SNP is at the forefront of the campaign, and hopes to build on its Scottish Parliament election success in 2011.

Ms Sturgeon went on to tell the gathering: "It is an exciting prospect, and the case for Yes will inspire and motivate people in Glasgow and across the country, including many who do not normally vote, perhaps because they do not feel they have a voice that is listened to under the current system.

"In an independent Scotland, all voices will be listened to, and everyone will have a stake.

"Independence means that Scotland gets the government we vote for all the time."

Ms Wardrop, said: "The campaign for Scottish independence can promote full and effective voluntary participation at all levels, giving equal opportunities to, and advocating further for the rights of young and old, women and men, poor and low-skilled workers, and local communities.

"We hope Scotland will be nuclear-free and a peace- loving nation."

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