THAILAND: A 26-year-old Thai man is being held in connection with the rape of a 20-year-old Scots student.

The move came as the girl's mum launched a blistering attack on corruption and police lies in Thailand following what was reported to be a gang rape on her daughter.

Pongpatana Porsoi, a native of Nakorn Sri Thammarat in Southern Thailand, was paraded before the press and made to re-enact his movements for the alleged rape on a second floor walkway in the city at the weekend.

The man claimed that the young Scots woman was lying on the walkway and it was an opportunistic action.

Porsio, said police, had been pointed out by a security guard as a suspect. But when confronted with the young woman, she repeatedly said: "I can't tell."

Police say that they will now have to rely on forensic evidence taken at the local hospital.

The woman's mother said: "The system there is so corrupt ...and if my daughter had been taken back to the flat there was another housemate there.

"He would have heard her ...instead of these ignorant people not listening to screams of a woman being raped.

"They go to authorities and tell stories to make money to keep their country looking good and us Briton's looking like drunken idiots.

"She does admit she was drunk but believe me my daughter was so happy with her new life about to begin in Thailand with a new job.

"Why would anyone make up such stories?"

The young woman said: "I was screaming and shouting, there's no chance they never heard anything."