FIREFIGHTERS and Scotland's biggest landlord have joined forces to save lives.

The partnership between Strathclyde Fire and Rescue (SFR) and Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is being hailed for having cut fire deaths to zero.

Since the two organisation began working together in 2010 there have been no fire deaths in any of GHA's 41,400 properties.

This is a fall from the previous average of seven fire deaths a year.

Assistant Chief Officer Dave Boyle said: "Working with GHA has prevented fires and their devastating consequences.

"Working together means communities across the city are safer places to live, with vulnerable residents better protected from the risk of a fire in their home."

Roseanna Cunningham, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, joined Mr Boyle at Glasgow City Chambers to hear how the partnership works.

Ms Cunningham said: "While the overall number of deaths has been steadily decreasing for several years, there is always more that can be done.

"And here in Glasgow, this relationship between GHA and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue is a perfect example.

"I thank everyone who has been involved for delivering such excellent results."

The partnership began as a trial project in 2010 before being rolled out across the city last year.

Gordon Sloan, chairman of GHA, said: "Early intervention is the secret and that's what the partnership allows us to achieve.

"Where we identify vulnerable tenants, the fire service can step in and offer fire safety and fire prevention advice.

"We want people who live in our communities to feel safer."