GLASGOW Lord Provost Sadie Docherty congratulated deaf sailor Gerry Hughes on his successful solo round the world voyage.

The Glasgow teacher circumnavigated the globe in his vessel Quest III despite being born profoundly deaf.

Mrs Docherty said: "It is a remarkable story and an achievement Gerry and Glasgow can rightly be proud of.

"His dogged determination to follow his dreams reminds me of the energy and positivity we all witnessed during the Olympics and Paralympics. His is an inspiring and exciting tale."

Gerry, 56, who teaches deaf pupils at the city's St Roch's Secondary, set out on his epic voyage from Troon marina on September 1 last year and returned home on May 8 this year.

He has already set records as the first deaf person to sail around the British Isles in 1981 and for being the first deaf skipper to sail across the Atlantic.

Gerry said: "Sailing has always been my first love and it provided a real escape from my deafness when I was a youngster.

"I hope that by following my dream I can encourage young people who face similar difficulties to see that their hopes can still be fulfilled through belief and hard work."