FURIOUS motorists have slammed a road ­closure that takes ­drivers on a 12-mile ­detour.

The A81 Glasgow Road, which runs through Strathblane, on the outskirts of Glasgow, is closed for five days for resurfacing.

But the closure means that anyone wishing to drive from one end of the village to the other must travel through Milngavie and back.

One local driver said: "Stirling Council prides itself on its green credentials but it is forcing drivers to take this huge detour, using up far more petrol than they ­normally would.

"If you're at one side of the detour and you need to drive to the shops or the restaurant on the other side then you have to drive for 12 miles.

"This is tourist season and it doesn't exactly send out a good message to people visiting that they can't get about easily.

"There must be a better way for the council to do this. It just can't be the case that this is the only way."

The detour also affects bus passengers with alternative shuttle services operating from both sides of the closure.

Temporary timetables are currently being used to Milngavie and Killearn.

The road is closed for road resurfacing and pavement renewal from the junction of Kirkhouse Road to Edmonstone Hall.

It is the second stage of works on the road. The first, in July, ran for three weeks and saw the pavement repaired.

Residents were urged to use alternative paths to walk from one end of the village to the other.

But the new closure, which sees the road shut from 9am to 6pm, is causing headaches for drivers.

A final section of work on the road should be completed next year.

Councillor Danny Gibson, Environment Committee Convenor of Stirling Council, said: "Roads are only closed where safety demands it. ­

"Diversions must, by their nature, be on roads that are capable of accommodating all types of vehicles and, in rural areas particularly, this can result in more lengthy diversions."