A SPECIAL event will take place later this month in a bid to help former members of the Armed Forces find work.

It has been organised by Neil Beattie, regional director of Forces Recruitment Services (West Scotland).

FRS is a nationwide network of offices manned by ex-military personnel with over 300 years' combined service across all ranks and services.

It was the first recruitment business founded specifically to link the ex-military and civilian jobs market and is now the leading and largest consultancy of its type in UK.

Mr Beattie, who served in the Army for 25 years, said 200 veterans had registered for the Forces Fair in the Thistle Hotel on August 29.

He said: "Members of the Forces have transferable skills in abundance, it is just a question of getting employers to recognise that.

"There is a preconception they will getting someone akin to Windsor Davies from It Ain't Half Hot Mum, or people with issues.

"But what they will get is a really valuable tool for their business - someone who is very highly qualified, very well trained and disciplined.

"Once an employer takes on someone who is ex Forces they quickly recognise what they have got on their books."

Mr Beattie said a number of major companies have now set up teams specifically to recruit former servicemen and women.

He added: "A great deal of experienced and talented people have left the Forces which for the public and private sector is a great opportunity."

The Forces Fair, which is the first to be held in the city, will be addressed by Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy who is Labour MP for East Renfrewshire.

A wide range of employers will be present and a number of information sessions will be run including CV and business start-up workshops.

Earlier this week, Glasgow City Council launched the Glasgow Veterans Employment Programme.

It involves the local authority paying up to half the hourly minimum wage payment of £7.50 to employers who recruit veterans.

Within two hours of the launch, companies had taken on more than 100 servicemen and women.

The programme is available to service leavers and veterans aged between 25 and 49 who would not otherwise qualify for employment support from existing schemes.

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