LAP dancing clubs could soon be banned in Glasgow under plans for a tough new licensing regime.

New criteria of Sexual Entertainment Venue ­licence will be introduced and will let councils decide whether they should be allowed.

The move comes in Alex Salmond's government's plans for the next year which included a new ­Licensing Bill.

The bill will introduce new criteria for sexual ­entertainment venues and will allow councils greater freedoms on restrictions they impose.

One measure being ­consulted on is allowing councils to set the number of sexual entertainment licences they permit and if they wish set the limit at zero.

Glasgow City Council has called for the power, which would effectively ban lap dancing bars in the city.

The council has been seeking ways to close down lap dancing clubs, but has been powerless as there was no specific legislation that put the bars and clubs in a separate category.

A spokesman said: "It has been obvious for a long time that a far stricter ­regime is needed to regulate lap dancing clubs.

"Glasgow has been consistent in calling for local authorities to have the power to refuse licences for places of sexual entertainment and so this announcement is welcome.

"However, we will want to look very closely at what is proposed to ensure that the legislation will deliver on what is intended."

Currently lap dancing clubs only need a public entertainment licence, which cannot take into ­account the type of entertainment being offered.

Sandra White, Glasgow Kelvin SNP MSP, has been campaigning on stricter control on lap dancing ­venues for several years citing links to sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Ms White had proposed a similar scheme to ministers and was prepared to develop a Member's Bill if the government had not adopted ­proposals to ­tackle the issue.

She said: "This is about what society we want to live in and I have been pushing for this along with others for some time now.

"Glasgow has wanted this power for some time and can now lead by example and hopefully others will follow."

Ms White said there was seven such premises she was aware of in the city and the law should mean if the council wants to refuse licences for sexual entertainment they will be forced to close when their licence come for renewal.

She said: "The council has refused licences in the past but has always lost on appeal, which is also costly in legal fees."

The Scottish Government said it believes that local licensing authorities are best placed to reflect the views of the communities they serve in respect of a range of licensed activities.

A statement said: "The Bill will give local licensing authorities the power to determine whether ­sexual entertainment ­establishments should be authorised and under what conditions.

"The Scottish Government considers that it is appropriate that sexual entertainment venues should be licensed in order that the risk of criminality is reduced and both performers and customers benefit from a safe, regulated environment."

The law would cover any venues, which includes lap dancing, strip shows, peep shows and live sex shows.

The category includes entertainment provided by both male and female performers.

By consulting on a ­licensing regime for legal activities, the Scottish Government said it is not endorsing or condoning these activities and stated its definition of violence against women includes commercial sexual exploitation. The consultation ends later this month.