A SCHEME to help keep children safe has been launched in Glasgow.

Go Safe Scotland, which is aimed at primary pupils, brings together safety information on a wide range of areas.

The first topics cover water, fire, home and outdoor safety. Others will follow next year.

These will include road, personal, coastal, rural, rail and digital safety, as well as what to do in an emergency.

It will be the first time the information will be available in one pack with interactive activities.

Parents will also be able to access a website for information on safety related matters.

Go Safe Scotland has been written by teachers from Glasgow and Fife councils, and includes input from organisations such as Police Scotland, Scott-ish Fire and Rescue, Scottish Water, Scot-land Gas Network, Crimestoppers, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Acci-dents, the NHS and Network Rail.

Alistair Watson, the city council's land and environment spokes-man, said: "It is vital we encourage our children to explore their environment and to lead an active lifestyle.

"However, in doing so we must provide them with the necessary tools to make sure they stay safe.

"We are well and truly embedded in the digital age where children can access all types of information to study and explore their world at the push of a button. That is why we have included digital safety as a new subject in its own right."

Elizabeth Lumsden, Scotland community safety manager for RoSPA, said: "It's important not to wrap children up in cotton wool but to equip them with life skills that can help them make informed decisions to avoid common types of injuries."

Scottish Fire and Rescue assistant chief officer Lewis Ramsay said Go Safe Scotland ensures every pupil can receive consistent safety messages delivered by teaching professionals.

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