SEWAGE blockages cost £7million to clear every year.

Scottish Water said more than 45,000 pipes become blocked from a combination of household waste such as fats, oils, grease and bathroom waste - in particular baby wipes.

The problems can cause flooding in homes and gardens, creating inconvenience and misery for householders.

In response, the firm has launched its biggest ever campaign to highlight the impact of what Scots put down their sinks and toilets.

Recent examples have seen a sewer blocked at Red Burn in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, and an allotment flooded by a sewer which was blocked by wet wipes in Clackmannanshire,

A national television advertising campaign will run for eight weeks to inform Scots how to dispose of bathroom and kitchen waste.

Blocked sewers are a major cause of environmental pollution, flooding and odour issues that could be easily avoided if householders and business disposed of waste properly.

Scottish Water is also launching a dedicated web site at so customers know how to correctly dispose of household waste.

Raymond O'Brien, waste water operations manager, said: "We have had a number of issues with items such as baby wipes, sanitary waste and fats blocking the waste water network and causing pollution. By following a few simple steps - only flushing toilet paper and never pouring fat down the sink - local people can make a big difference."