motorists in Glasgow paid out £8.7million in on-street parking charges during the last financial year.

Figures obtained by the Evening Times show drivers are forking out almost £24,000 a day to park on city streets.

Between April 2012, and March this year, motorists in the city paid a total of £8,696,481.

The figures, released under Freedom of Information, reveal that on-street parking charges have generated an average daily income for Glasgow City Council of £23,826.

The amount can be revealed just weeks after the local authority's latest parking charges price hike came into effect.

As revealed by the Evening Times, last month the cost of parking in some Glasgow's streets was increased by 100%.

Neil Greig, director of policy at the Institute of Advanced Motoring, today called the amount, "excessive".

He told the Evening Times: "I have no problem with Glasgow City Council covering costs, but they should not be making such huge profits.

"What Glasgow has to understand is that making a profit like this, they are affecting the economy of the city.

"Every penny of that profit is money that could have been spent in Glasgow city centre.

"The council should be doing everything possible to entice people into the city.

"There are plenty of out of town options, with free parking."

The figures show a steady rise in the amount Glasgow City Council has earned from parking fees in the past four years.

In 2009/2010, the council made a total of £8,317,054 and £8,345,876 the following year.

The amount increased again, to £8,522,054 in 2011/2012.

A council spokesman said: "Parking charges in many areas of Glasgow have not increased for a number of years.

"We are establishing an annual review of tariffs in response to inflationary demands and effective traffic management.

"The range of parking controls in use, and the facilities we invest in, are in line with our Local Transport Strategy, which seeks to support greater use of public transport.

"However, we are also realistic about current car use and supporting businesses.

"Glasgow city centre is not only the UK's biggest shopping destination outside of London's West End, but is also a destination point in itself, providing a fantastic backdrop for entertainment including theatres, restaurants and sightseeing.

"Bays are available for short term parking, to those who require access to specific locations, and the tariff is set to allow this, with car parks available for longer stays."

Thousands of city motorists have been affected by the latest price hike, which saw the cheapest parking charge in some streets rise by 100%.

And the cost of parking for an hour increased by a third.

The new tariff - which saw the cost of parking for an hour rise from 50p to 80p - came into effect on Friday, September 20.