GLASGOW musicians are going to "jam" for the Clutha.

A special jamming session will take place later this month to raise money for the victims of the helicopter tragedy as the city's music community rallies around the destroyed venue.

The gig will be at The State Bar in Holland Street - a place that attracted many of the same musicians who played the Clutha - on Tuesday, December 17 at 8pm.

Organised Al Fleming said: "As musicians we felt we had to do something.

"There can't be many musicians in Glasgow who have never played th Clutha. It has been one of the best venues in Glasgow for as long as I can remember.

"You always knew you could get good music at the Clutha.

"I have played there myself and like most musicians know lots of people who did."

Mr Fleming and three fellow musicians have played at the State Bar every Tuesday for more than 17 years.

He added: "After the first number it will be jamming all the way. I will be circulating with the "infamous" hat and the jammers may feel it appropriate to make a "small donation" for the use of our instruments.

"The State must surely be the longest running jam in Glasgow - if not Scotland, and over the years, many hundreds of players have taken the stage there.

"We really want to encourage everyone who has joined us over the past 17 and a half years to try and turn up on the night to play or just to listen."

Their group Statesboro Blues Brother invite others on stage to play with them.

Mr Fleming, a veteran of the Glasgow music scene, plays with guitarist Jim Keilt as well as bass Tim Clarke and drummer Kenny Robertson, both were scheduled to play at the Clutha this weekend.