THERE'S simply no place like gnome for popular children's author Jo Hall.

Jo, who has been entertaining children for years with her imaginative storytelling, entranced kids at Glasgow's Hillhead Primary School with stories featuring her latest creation, JoJo Gnome, who lives in a rainy Scottish garden.

He's aimed at children aged between three and six, and Jo is delighted with the popularity JoJo has achieved so far. She not only writes the books but illustrates them as well.

The first ebook was an introduction called Meet JoJo Gnome, and it was followed by JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine, in which he sets off to record an adventure in sound for his grandpa.

The latest ebook - fittingly, given the time of year - is JoJo Gnome and the Smell of Christmas.

Said Jo: "It's Christmas time but Grandpa Gnome has a cold, and JoJo tries to help him enjoy the wonderful festive holiday smells.

"I'm delighted that JoJo has already caught the imagination of so many children," added Jo, who has many CBeebies TV writing credits to her name, including Balamory and Nina & the Neurons.