AN ELDERLY woman has slammed the council for failing to fix a dangerous trip hazard a month after it was reported.

Agnes McCrae sustained injuries after tripping over a tree stump in the city centre.

The 68-year-old wrote to the council following the incident on November 27 but the problem has still not been fixed and no warning signs have been erected.

Mrs McCrae, from Cumbernauld, was in Sauchiehall Street with her husband, John, also 68, to do some shopping.

While her husband visited a nearby shop, she crossed over towards Marks and Spencer and fell over the protruding stump, ­surrounded by a metal rim, next to three trees.

She hurt her hand, knee and back.

The council responded to her initial e-mail on December 2, promising to pass the problem to the roads department.

They said a bollard was placed on the tree stump but this was removed without their knowledge.

The e-mail stated: "The issue has now been reported to our roads department, who dealt with the issue forthwith and have had the offending stump and associated items removed and repaired."

But Mrs McCrae, who visited town again in December and ­earlier this month, has seen no sign of any warnings.

She claims people who helped her when she fell said they had witnessed several other people trip and fall, sustaining more ­serious injuries.

Mrs McCrae described the council's failure to act as "disgraceful".

She said: "We were in Sauchiehall Street on November 27. My husband went to WH Smith and I crossed over to go to Marks & Spencer.

"The next thing I was on the ground and the two security guards lifted me up. I was really embarrassed."

Following the couple's last visit to town on January 2, she has filled in a formal claim form.

She is awaiting a response.

Mrs McCrae said: "There should be some kind of warning, it is a health and safety issue."

As reported in the Evening Times last month, Sauchiehall Street is to become part of a Business Improvement District after businesses voted for a plan to transform the street.

But local campaigner Bill ­Beckett, a member of Garnethill Community Council, described the busy shopping hub as a "death trap" in urgent need of maintenance.

He said: "There is a metal rim round the area of the tree stump - it's shocking.

"This incident again proves there is a need to get things done."

A spokesman from Glasgow City Council said: "Mrs McCrae made a formal claim on January 6, which is being reviewed.

"Remedial works will be carried out if deemed necessary."