A part-time comedian has broken the world record for joke telling.

Donald MacLeod, 39, a financial actuary from Kelvindale, smashed the current record by telling 580 jokes in an hour.

The previous high score of 549 was set by Australian Michael Lehman at the Rhino Club in Adelaide, and his predecessor was comedian Tim Vine.

Donald, whose stage name is Donnie Maroot, is originally from Lewis and is raising money to support four charities.

He said: "I've never done anything like this before, and didn't really do much practicing.

"All my jokes are original ones. I tend to post one on Facebook every day and I've been doing that for years so I've built up a few hundred.

"People from Lewis speak really quickly anyway so that is an advantage. but my big advantage over Tim Vine is that when he did his attempt, he had to wait for people to stop laughing.

"My jokes are all terrible, so nobody laughs."

Donald said he was "chuffed" to have got the record, and added: "Tim Vine is a great comedian so to even be in the same discussion as him is quite cool."