LABOUR won most votes across Glasgow in the European Elections, with Ukip pushed into fourth by the Greens.

The city differed from the overall Scottish picture which saw the SNP take the biggest share nationally and Ukip beating the Greens to the final sixth seat as the fourth placed party.

Although seats are distributed according to the national share of the vote they are counted by each local authority on a Scottish Parliament constituency basis allowing a detailed breakdown across the country.

Labour took more than 45,000 votes in Glasgow with the SNP in second place on just under 38,000.

The Greens were third with Ukip fourth, almost 2000 votes ahead of the Conservatives.

Ukip were less successful in Glasgow than across Scotland although they were third in four of the constituency areas.

A strong Green vote in Kelvin, where the party pushed the biggest parties close, coming only 53 behind the SNP in first and 35 behind Labour, was enough to put them third overall.

The Greens scored more than 15,000 votes while Ukip won almost 11,000, although the published results show no Ukip votes in Anniesland.

Labour came out top in Anniesland, Cathcart, Mary-hill and Springburn, Pollok, Provan and Shettleston.

The SNP were highest in Kelvin and Southside.

The Liberal Democrats, who lost their only Scottish MEP, could only muster 3500 votes in the city and were as low as 191 in Provan, three votes behind the BNP. Turnout in Glasgow ranged from 24.7% in Provan to 31.5% in Anniesland.

Labour won the biggest share of the vote in three of areas where the SNP had taken Scottish Parliament seats from them in 2011.

Johann Lamont Pollok MSP and Scottish Labour leader, was pleased with Labour's showing. She said: "Our party's recovery continues and we take heart from that."

The SNP continued their strong showing in the area where Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is MSP.

She said the Ukip success in England did not translate into Scottish votes.

She said: "With the rise of Ukip south of the Border, where they secured three times the level of support they got in Scotland, it is more important than ever before that Scotland's distinctive voice is heard in Europe."

The Greens, while disappointed at not gaining a Scottish MEP were encouraged by strong support.

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow said: "We have strengthened our position as the torch-bearer for radical ideas in Scottish politics, and are in the process of replacing the Liberal Democrats as Scotland's fourth major party.

"Based on this result, we can look forward to electing many more Green MSPs in 2016."

The far right BNP and Britain First failed to capture more than 200 votes in any of the Glasgow constituencies, while No2EU, a left wing organisation opposed to membership of the European Union were in last place right across the city.