THE Zombies are coming and the only escape is the asylum.

They will descend on Glasgow on Friday for four days of terror.

But people of all ages are desperate to take on the monsters in an adrenaline filled, urban chase game.

The cult hit 2.8 Hours Later involves participants trying to escape the zombies who are out to get them.

Decisions are made by players along the way which have repercussions on the route they take, the characters they meet and their chances of success.

Almost 2000 people will take part in the game which is visiting the city for the third time.

Players start in the relative safety of the asylum and are sent on a mission to collect much needed supplies.

As they navigate their way around the route, they will be chased by scores of the infected and characters who will aid or inhibit their progress.

The zombies, who are actors in full costume and make-up, try to catch the participants by marking them with invisible ink.

A UV light is used to scan for ink marks and all players infected are turned into zombies ahead of a party, the zombie disco.

Having originally launched in Bristol, 2.8 Hours Later has played in cities across the UK including, Manchester and Edinburgh, with each game generating around £50,000 for the local economy.

Its co-founder Simon Evans said: "We are delighted to be returning to Glasgow for a third year.

"The game has always been received with enthus-iasm and the city has one of our strongest fan groups and loyal zombies.

"It is a totally unique activity and a great way to have fun with your friends as you basically become a character in your own horror film or video game."

A number of roads in Scotland Street industrial estate will close between 6pm and midnight on Friday and Saturday and on August 22 and 23 to allow the action to take place.