WHEN it comes to positive outcomes, there is no better example than 19-year-old Jade McGinlay, from Milton.

Living with her three-year-old son, Darren, she says she swung between bouts of anxiety and aggressive behaviour, much of it linked to the break-up of her parents' marriage when she was still at primary school and her own reaction to that experience.

She said: "It really helped to have someone take the time to be there for you and listen to your story and say, 'You have been through a lot' rather than, 'Just deal with it'.

"Someone giving you that bit of hope."

The MsMissMrs workshops have strengthened Jade's relationship with her son and helped her re-assess her connections with friends and family.

More importantly, it has made her better understand herself.

She said: "Sometimes I'd get up in the morning and look in the mirror and I'd put myself down and other days I would be full of confidence.

"I got nervous and anxious sometimes, even getting on a bus when I thought people were looking at me, other days I could be really aggressive.

"Now I've learned to put my past in the past.

"The workshops have changed my life.

"Now I think, 'I can do that'."