GLASGOW has become the first city in the UK to appoint an expert to draw up plans for dealing with future catastrophes.

As Chief Resilience Officer, Alastair Brown will consider the impact of events such as severe storms and flooding.

Earlier this year, the Rockefeller Foundation announced a £100million scheme that will see 100 cities worldwide drawing up plans to deal with a range of potential disasters.

Glasgow was chosen in the first batch of 33, along with others from countries such as Thailand, Israel, the USA, Vietnam, South Africa and India.

The post is fully funded by the 100 Resilient Cities organisation.

Mr Brown has been with the city council since 1993 and heads the Sustainable Glasgow programme. He previously worked in community health in the East End.

Recently, he has been involved in Future City Glasgow - the £24million programme demonstrating the use of smart technology to advance cities in areas such as transport, travel and energy and which opens data to business and the public.

He will now lead organisations across Glasgow in looking at disaster scenarios, how to handle them and how to help the city bounce back.

He said: "For example, in the last few years there have been storms that brought flooding with terrible disruption.

"In 30 to 40 years, if climate change goes the way we expect it, we will get these storms more frequently.

"We need to plan ahead, so that in the coming decades we do not get continual disruption and can cope with different kinds of stresses on a more consistent basis.

"In the next 40 to 50 years there will be economic changes in Glasgow and increased use of technology.

"Some cities around the world will have huge migrations of population and, as a result, some will have problems with water and food supplies.

"There will be a lot of changes and cities will have to absorb those changes.

"Being selected by the Rockefeller Foundation was a coup. Something like 500 applied and only 33 have so far been selected, which shows where Glasgow stands in the world.

"A key issue for the foundation was that Glasgow was already looking to address some difficult issues, including a vulner­able population, climate and social issues, housing, employment and worklessness."

Mr Brown, will share information and expertise with his counterparts worldwide.

The Rockefeller Foundation will support chief resilience officers to develop a plan to deal with potential issues and prioritise needs.