Police are investigating allegations that a campaigner for Yes Scotland "harassed" a young pro-union politician.

Labour councillor Monica Lennon claims she was challenged twice by the same man in Hamilton.

The 33-year-old told The Evening Times she was first approached in Duke Street on Thursday at around 3pm.

She had been at a Better Together stall before leaving other campaigners to go to The Regent Shopping Centre alone.

Mrs Lennon, who represents South Lanarkshire Council's Hamilton North and East ward, said: "He pursued me inside the shopping centre and said: 'You should be voting yes, you're a disgrace'.

"I said we are each entitled to our own decision.

"He continued to shout and I asked him to stop harassing me or I would call security over. I veered over to the right of the passageway to create some distance. He caught up with me as I was reaching the toilet and I asked him if he was following me.

"He just laughed menacingly and said something like: 'Don't flatter yourself'.

"When I came out of the toilet I could see him in the distance exiting the shopping centre."

The councillor believes the same man tried to intimidate her on Saturday, when she was at a Better Together stall in the town centre shortly after midday.

Councillor Lennon has identified the man in photographs posted by 'Yes Hamilton' on Facebook.

Police Scotland said: "A complaint has been made and enquiries are continuing."

A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: "There is no place for abuse in this campaign and we have been at pains to impress on everyone, on both sides, to treat others with respect."

peter.swindon @eveningtimes.co.uk