JIM Murphy wants to emphasise the patriotism of Scottish Labour to distinguish the party from UK Labour and to challenge the SNP.

Having taken over from Johann Lamont, who resigned and accused the UK leadership in London of treating Scotland like a Branch office, Mr Murphy said no-one will tell him what to do.

He said his task was to make sure people knew "voting Labour was a patriotic choice".

He said there will be changes to the party's constitution to state the party's aims and values for the future.

He said: "Tony Blair re-wrote clause four of UK Labour to bring us closer to the centre ground of politics.

"I want to re-write clause four of Scottish Labour to bring us closer to the centre of Scottish life."

Mr Murphy made his first leader's speech with his deputy Kezia Dugdale MSP, at the City halls in Glasgow and said he would be in charge of the party north of the border.

He said: "I have made it clear that under my leadership, it will be Kezia and I that will make the decisions.

"We will set the political agenda and strategy for Scottish Labour in Scotland, for Scotland.

"No-one, no matter their power, no matter their position, will ever stop me speaking out or speaking up for Scotland and for what I feel and know to be right."

As polls show Labour trailing behind the SNP for the Westminster election next May Mr Murphy warned voters against handing David Cameron and the Conservatives another term in office.

He said: "With Alex Salmond saying nationalist MPs sent to the UK parliament won't take part in any government, the question many Scots will ask is why send someone to the House of Commons to fight with a Tory Government when you can send someone who will replace the Tory Government?

"I am determined Scottish Labour will win all of the seats we currently hold.

But I'm also clear that any seat the SNP take off the Labour Party makes it more likely that David Cameron will hold on in power."

James Dornan Cathcart SNP MSP, said: "While there is a long way to go before either the Westminster or Holyrood election, there is no doubt that the SNP is in great shape as more and more people give us their backing.

"Only a strong team of SNP MPs will ensure that Scotland's voice cannot be ignored at Westminster and that we get the best possible deal for Scotland."