THE general election is beginning to take shape in Glasgow with more candidates announced by the three main parties.

The seven current Labour MPs are contesting the seats looking to hold their sizeable majorities.

The SNP have confirmed six of the seven city candidates and the Tories have announced their seven hopefuls.

The SNP announced Stewart McDonald will contest Glasgow South held by Labour MP Tom Harris. The Tories have selected Kyle Thornton.

Anas Sarwar will stand again for Labour in Glasgow Central with SNP councillor Alison Thewliss his main challenger and Simon Bone for the Conservatives.

SNP Glasgow convene,r Natalie McGarry, will take on Labour's Margaret Curran in Glasgow East with Andrew Morrison looking for Conservative votes.

In Glasgow North, Ann McKechin defends a 4000 majority with Lauren Hankinson for the Tories and Patrick Grady of the SNP hopeful of taking votes.

John Robertson will look to keep North West for Labour with Carol Monaghan of the SNP looking to challenge and Roger Lewis sanding for the Tories.

Labour MP Ian Davidson faces a challenge from unison rep, Chris Stephens, for the SNP in South West and Gordon McCaskill representing the Conservatives.

Willie Bain has a big majority in north east with Annie wells confirmed for the Tories and the SNP yet to select their candidate.