AN exhibition of heart patients baring their surgical scars will be launched tomorrow at Kelvingrove Museum.

Eight survivors who were born with a heart condition have been photographed for the unique exhibition, which will run for a month.

The project - ScarredFORlife - is the work of three friends, with congenital heart disease, Jenny Kumar, Liza Morton and Evening Times reporter Caroline Wilson, on behalf of the Sommerville Foundation.

Herald and Times photographer Kirsty Anderson captured the stunning images.

The exhibition will be officially opened by Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health.

Dr Liza Morton said: "The idea is to change the perception that scars should be hidden away, and instead turn them into a celebration of life.

"There is estimated to be over 250,000 adults who were born with a heart condition, in the UK.

"Over half will experience medical and social problems at some time in their adult lives. Many can be "cured" in the first few years of life but others require lifelong follow up."

The exhibition also aims to highlight the gaps in care including a shortage of specialists in Scotland and a need to improve the psychological support offered to patients.

Councillor Archie Graham, Chairman of Glasgow Life, said: “We are delighted to host Scarred for Life at Kelvingrove Museum. 

"Each person’s story really touched me.  The art that hangs on the walls in Kelvingrove is often said to inspire and so I think its fitting that this exhibition is held here, because each of the people featured in it are an inspiration to so many. 

"In their own words they make it clear that a medical condition does not define a person and it certainly doesn’t hold them back from all they want to achieve in life.

“Kelvingrove is a wonderful place to simply stop and reflect for a short time in our day and I think that by sharing their experience these people encourage us to marvel at the wonder of modern medicine, the amazing people who serve in the NHS and the many others who have walked a similar path. 

"And in doing so I think the organisers have created something incredibly positive and should be commended.”

The exhibition runs until March 15, and is then likely to tour other venues.

If you are worried about a congenital heart condition contact the Sommerville Foundation Patient Helpline on 0800 854759 or email