HOSPITAL staff are leaving their jobs due to the parking problems at the new southern General, union leaders have warned.


The New South Glasgow University Hospital is due to open in around eight weeks time, but staff have raised concerns that many will not be able to get there on time with the expected increase in numbers, as staff move from other sites into the new facility.

The new hospital will bring the latest facilities and medical technology to Glasgow but staff are concerned many will not be able to get to work on time, leading to increased stress and an impact on the service.

One nurse who did not wish to be named said it was the main reason for people looking for new jobs.

The experienced staff member, said: "In my department both nursing and medical staff, many who could take early retirement have done so.

"People are jumping ship in various departments, three have moved to another place of work in my department and another five are moving before the new hospital opens.

"We are losing experience people and it will be difficult attracting new staff."

Anne Thomson, Senior RCN Officer for Greater Glasgow and Clyde,

said: "There are still whole areas of Glasgow which do not have direct bus links to the hospital.

"We know a number of staff are leaving and in one department it is a big issue.

"In one theatre department it is 11 staff who have left or looking to leave soon.

"The NHS crisis is because we don't have enough nurses to staff the hospitals.

"There will be 1600 car park spaces but 65000 staff working each day.

"But with the permits for staff who work across sites or who need to use a car during the day there will be 200 spaces for nursing staff."

Labour's social justice spokesman Ken Macintosh said it was down to the health board and Scottish Government to ensure there was adequate provision.

He met with some staff and RCN representatives on the hospital site and said he had nurses raise safety concerns with him.

He said: "in the short term it is going to be chaos with some existing spaces being removed and one year before the new car park is built. Space nearby has to be pressed into service and staff bused into the site.

"Staff parking isn't a trivial issue. Proper parking facilities make a real difference for the safety of staff. Nobody wants nurses walking long distances alone after a late night shift, and nobody wants the areas surrounding the hospital flooded with parked cars from hospital staff."

A spokesman for the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: ""More than 10,000 staff will work at the new South Glasgow Hospitals when it is fully operationally. Of the staff moving from the Western and Victoria Infirmaries, Southern General and Royal Hospital for Sick Children, we are only aware of eight who have choosing not to move on the grounds of transport issues.

"Staff already make their way to work on the site and other hospital sites on public transport.

"We are investing £5.2 million as part of a detailed travel plan which will improve accessibility to the NSGH campus. Improved public transport routes, traffic controls in the surrounding area and upgrading works to the local road and network are all being implemented.

"We are working closely in partnership SPT and Glasgow City Council to ensure that the investment is targeted at communities where there is currently insufficient public transport.

"We have also been working closely with Glasgow City Council and a planning application has been submitted to increase the car parking capacity by a further temporary 500 spaces."