FIVE years ago Labour's Ian Davidson retained Glasgow South West, by increasing his vote and his majority over the SNP.

Five years later and the same challenger Chris Stephens said there is a very different political landscape in the area.

Mr Davidson has been the MP in the south west and previously represented the Pollok and Govan seats since 1992.

The only time he has faced a serious challenge was in 1992 when he first won the Govan seat taking it back from Jim Sillars of the SNP.

Since then opponents have hardly troubled his large majority.

His combative and forthright style made him a hate figure for independence supporters during the referendum.

His frank, no holds barred style which he displays chairing the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster also wins backing from people who want an MP not afraid to make his opinions known.

Chris Stephens is a seasoned trade union campaigner tackling equality and discrimination issues.

He leads the SNP Trade Union Group which helped to persuade many Labour voters to back independence.

While he failed to mount a serious challenge in 2010 to Mr Davidson, at the Holyrood election the following year he came very close to ousting Johann Lamont in Pollok.

Health will be an issue, with the new South Glasgow Hospital bringing a new facility but a major transport headache for local people.

The future of Govan Shipyard remains in the balance and while BAE is not necessarily a big employer of people in the area, it is important for businesses in the local community.

Closure would have an impact but could also be seen as an opportunity for regeneration with a massive riverfront site.

Chris Stephens said: "The Ashcroft Poll showed we can win it. Our job is to make sure we work as hard as possible so we do win it.

"Pollok, in the constituency had the highest number of yes voters in Glasgow, 26.807. For a lot of the electorate the General Election coming close after the referendum is important.

"There is a lot of anger how Labour conducted itself in partnership with the Tories and agreeing with the Tories on many issues.

"The overarching issue is austerity. One of my pledges is to hold specific welfare surgeries as well as the regular MP surgeries.

"I will invite agencies who can offer help and advice and assist with things like filling in forms.

"The shipyard is an issue. Most people believe Govan will close for Scotstoun to continue."

He said there are many local issues which people want representation on, including parking in Govan and Linthouse, the closure of adult learning centres and lack of community facilities in Cardonald.

Ian Davidson appears to relish his position as hate figure for the SNP and he would likely celebrate another win with as much satisfaction as the SNP would if it could dislodge him.

He has in the past called the SNP "neo-fascist" remarked in the closing stages of the referendum campaign the battle was won and all that remained was to "bayonet the wounded" and branded the BBC biased in favour of the SNP, calling Newsnight Scotland, "newsnat Scotland" live on the programme.

More recently he has led the Scottish Affairs Committee in its investigations into the collapse of the City Link parcel firm.

During an evidence session with owner John Moulton he displayed the same robust style in his questioning, putting him on the spot about leaving the tax payer to pick up the redundancy bill while the owners got a large share of their investment back.

If he can convince those voters to vote SNP at a General Election and the high number of yes voters then the five figure majority begins to look less unassailable.

Mr Davidson's high recognition factor, left wing views, outspokenness and experience of winning elections however may well be enough to send him back to Westminster for South West.

Mr Davidson was unable to be contacted by the Evening Times. He did not decline to comment, but was unable to be reached.