THE final phase of the demolition of the Strathclyde Regional Council HQ is now underway.


The remaining part of the building, on the corner of St Vincent Street and India Street, is being demolished brick by brick.

Demolition began on the site more than five years ago, after permission was given to replace the building with a new skyscraper in 2004.

Strathclyde Regional Council covered 19 districts, including the city of Glasgow, Dumbarton and Argyll and Bute, until it was abolished in 1996 to make way for unitary authorities, such as Glasgow City Council.

The regional council, which was in charge of education, social work, police, fire, sewage, strategic planning, roads and transport, employed almost 100,000 public servants.

The area was still used as a police force and fire area, which were covered by Strathclyde Police and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service, until both were replaced by national single services in 2013.