A RAUNCHY take on a classic fairytale has been cancelled due to health and safety concerns.

Organisers of Sinderella, which was due to play at Glasgow's Pavilion theatre on Renfield Street, have been forced to axe tonight and tomorrow's performances.

According to theatre staff the snap cancellation of the show, which starred Generation Game host Jim Davidson, related to staffing concerns and fears over health and safety.

The theatre made an announcement on Facebook earlier today which read: " Unfortunately due to Health and safety and staffing concerns, we have had no alternative than to cancel the remaining performances of Sinderella tonight (Friday 20th March) and tomorrow (Saturday 21st March).

"If you have paid by credit or debit card, simply call the theatre box office on 0141-332-1846 to get a full refund on your tickets, please have your card details ready.

If you have paid by cash, return your tickets to the theatre box office to get a full refund.

"We have to apologise but we were left with no alternative."

The Pavilion manager Iain Gordon said:  " I had no choice but to close the show because Jim Davidson's behaviour was entirely unacceptable.

"He was abusive to a member of my staff to whom I have  a duty of care and this was unacceptable.

"I am really disappointed in Jim because over the years I have given him every opportunity ."

Closed last night for legal reasons Mr Gordon said he wouldn't comment further,  however,  a Pavilion insider revealed the extent of Mr Davidson's behaviour.

He said: "Jim Davidson broke the golden rule, during the half time he left the theatre and went to the Atholl Pub in Renfield Street still wearing his Sinderella costume. bought drink and then proceeded to criticise the Pavilion, the staff and the Sinderella show.

"He was also heard to be attacking the Glasgow audiences, which made no sense given the support he's had over the year.

"Jim then went back to the theatre where he had a go at one of the female staff and then during the show  he berated the Pavilion manager from the stage."

Jim Davidson said: "Yes I did go to the pub but I wasn't abusive to anybody.

"What this is about is the Pavilion boss being in control. What it's also about I think, is the box office wasn't great .

"I'm pretty sure the who wouldn't have been cancelled if the show was full every night.

Jim Davidson added: "I feel really disappointed about the Glasgow audience. I feel they've been let down."

When asked if he was likely to  return to the Pavilion?

He said: "Anything is possible."

Jim previously spoke to Evening Times features writer Brian Beacom ahead of the show.

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