NICOLA Sturgeon says scraping Trident is a "red line" issue in any talks with Labour after the election.

The First Minister told a demonstration in George Square she wouldn't agree to a single penny being spent replacing the nuclear weapons system.

A large crowd gathered in the square to hear a number of speakers including Ms Sturgeon and Green leader Patrick Harvie.

Ms Sturgeon said: "People ask me, if we are in discussion with Labour is Trident a red line issue?

"The simple answer is you better believe Trident is a red line issue."

She said spending £100m on renewing trident was an example of the" wrong priorities" of the Westminster parties.

She said: "This election can change that and re-write those priorities."

She added:"We need MPs to stand up to the renewal of Trident. We can ensure the next vote at Westminster is not about the renewal of Trident but getting rid of Trident."

Mr Harvie urged people to join him and anti nuclear protesters at a protest outside Faslane Naval Base later this month.

He said: "If you've never been to Faslane where this evil is based, to blockade, then come on the 13th of April. Now is the time to join the blockade. I'll be there."