CALLOUS thieves have broken into a city hospice and stolen computers used by patients.


Shocked staff at the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice discovered the break-in when they arrived for work.

Thugs had made off with a laptop worth around £700 and an Apple Mac desktop computer which had been bought only three weeks previously at a cost of £1500.

They are used in the arts and creative writing service which the charity runs at its Calton Place premises.

The hospice website says the course gives patients and their carers a chance to have a respite from their illness, relax and learn new skills.

Both computers were in the art room on the ground floor and the thieves smashed a small window almost 50ft above basement level to gain access.

Communications manager Kirstin Anderson said: "They took a brand new Mac we had just invested in because it is a lot better to use. They managed to climb onto a 5cm ledge and smash a really small window which they climbed through.

"The window is so small it must have been a struggle for them to get in and to get out again with the computers.

"We were shocked because the money for the computers would have come out of money we raised.

"Patients get so much from the art project, especially being able to take up a hobby at that stage in their illness.

"Being able to take part was a huge benefit to so many people."

She said of the thieves: "People don't know when they are going to have a relative who needs this service"

Hospice staff posted news of the theft on their Facebook page and say they have been overwhelmed with the response.

Kirstin said: "We have had over 1110 shares from family members, staff and patients who are upset and angry.

"We couldn't believe it had actually happened. We have such goodwill in Glasgow and could never have seen this happening."

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "We have received a report of a housebreaking on Friday April 15. Inquiries are ongoing."