A Glasgow schoolgirl has been left scarred for life after taking part in a dangerous aerosol burn prank.


The 12-year-old was taken to hospital and is now facing skin grafts after spraying an aerosol deodorant onto her arm at close range.

Youngsters across the country have been taking part in the so-called aerosol challenge after seeing videos posted on social media websites.

They press and hold the aerosol to the skin for as long as possible and try and outdo each other to see who can endure it for the longest.

The girl, who cannot be named, is slowly recovering from an agonising burn to her arm after spraying the can of deodorant, just few inches above the skin.

A relative said the family had decided to speak out and release these horrifying photographs to the Evening Times in a bid to deter other children from taking part in the craze.

She said: "I'm trying to stop this happening to anyone else.

"What I've seen her go through is horrendous, she is in agony.

"The results of this 'challenge' are definitely something that needs to be seen by kids and parents.

"She accepted a challenge to spray a can of deodorant straight onto her bare arm close up, thinking it wouldn't do much.

"But, as a result, she now needs a skin graft."

It is understood the 12-year-old tried the stunt at a pal's house after seeing the 'challenge' online

She was rushed to a city hospital earlier this week and specialists decided skin grafts, taken from her thigh, was the only way to repair the burnt skin.

Her family fear it will take months for her to fully recover.

Experts fear the craze could lead to more severe burns case.

The British Skin Foundation warned about the dangers of taking part in the craze.

A statement read: "These products should be used appropriately and responsibly as extended use can lead to the freezing action producing a cryogenic burn.

"Short term this is both painful and damaging but prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage or disfigurement."

It follows warnings from doctors last year over a 'salt and ice challenge' which saw teenagers compete over skin burns.

Teenagers were reportedly injuring themselves while taking part in the dangerous craze.

It involved people burning themselves by holding a piece of ice to a layer of salt on their skin.