THE name above the door might be new but inside 61 Cresswell Street in Glasgow's west end everything else is reassuring the same.

Eagleshams Herbal Remedies takes over from Napiers the Herbalists, a landmark in Hillhead for the past 15 years, but nothing has changed. Behind the scenes are the same staff, with a vast knowledge of botanical healing.

Nutritional expert Irene McCabe bought over the shop and clinic three years ago from Napiers and this week sees the name change, in honour of her great aunts Alice and Mary Eaglesham, which will herald a whole new era.

"They were working class Ayrshire lassies who worked off the land and taught me all about natural remedies," remembers Irene, who previously worked in the Edinburgh branch of Napiers with Dee Atkinson and still has a strong working relationship with her friend.

" We would go and visit them and they would have the polished piano with citronella oil, vegetables grown in the garden, everything was home cooked and every remedy was an old fashioned cure.

"I learned loads of old fashioned remedies from them. Along with herbs there was always a copy of Bartram's Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine in the house. They would use things like slippery elm for gut problems, which we use to this day. They also used naturopathic things like Epsom salts baths and castor oil packs. They had a beautiful garden, it was au naturale."

The name change to Eagleshams means Irene and her staff - including herbalist Nikki Biddiss, and Louise Duncan, former owner of Grassroots Organic in the west end, who runs the shop - will be known by customers in their own right.

"For 30 years I have been an independent nutritional researcher, it has been my life," says Irene passionately. "We have knowledge between us you won't find anywhere on the high street."

You can still find everything from Dr Hauschka and Weleda beauty ranges to the must-have Dr Bronner collection of pure castile soaps which are now refillable.

A new addition to the shelves is the Super Greens Powder mix, a blend of chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa, barleygrass, cranberry, bilberry and ginger to oxygenate the blood and give an energy boost.

Put a teaspoonful in a juice mix in the morning or add to apple juice.

And there are a range of teas, made in the dispensary, from favourites such as peppermint to marigold leaf tea, an anti-inflammatory that can be used to ease the symptoms of skin conditions, and anti-allergy nettle leaf tea, perfect for hay fever sufferers.

The unique dispensary is like a step back in time with shelves of dried herbs. Herbalist Nikki can make up prescriptions for specific issues.

"Our anti-allergy tea has a mix of camomile, nettle and cleavers," says Nikki. "Another popular recommendation is a joint oil with a base oil as well as essential oils of cypress, grapefruit, juniper and lavender. They are all anti-inflammatory, cleansing, uplifting and relaxing, it's a very balancing blend.

"Massage it in; at this time of year people are overdoing it in the garden or getting back into a running regime."

Can also use herbs in the bath - mixed with Epsom salts -after a heavy workout, along with camomile and lavender.

Another popular recommendation is hot flush tea for menopausal women with sage, rose and red clover.

"You can drink it hot or cold. Some women cool it down and keep it by their bed and drink it during the night to keep them cool," says Nikki.

As well as treatment rooms offering everything from allergy testing using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and acupuncture, to reflexology, sports therapy and reiki, a new Guinot beauty room features a 75-minute hydradermie facial as well as a range of pampering packages.

Eagleshams Natural Remedies, 61 Cresswell Street, Glasgow. Visit or call 0141 339 5859.