Alex Salmond has been named SNP foreign affairs spokesman at Westminster.

Angus Robertson announced the first spokesman and women form the SNPs 56 strong team.

He will have a key role as there is now expected to be a referendum of Britain's membership of the European Union

Mr Salmond said: "Foreign affairs, and especially Europe, will be among the dominating issues in this parliament.

"The SNP will provide a strong, consistent voice which is pro-European, pro-developing world and against military adventurism.

Opponents however criticised the appointment of the former First Minister.

Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie said:"Alex Salmond's recent mantle of foreign affairs spokesperson for the SNP is the equivalent of putting Mr Bean in charge of the World Bank."

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:"In Scotland, taxpayers are used to picking up the tab for Alex Salmond's extravagant trips across the globe.

Stewart Hosie was appointed economy spokesman, Eilidh Whiteford on Pensions and Joanna Cherry to justice.