THOUSANDS of people are expected to attend an anti-austerity protest in Glasgow.


The rally, which will take place in George Square on June 20, is being organised by several organisations including the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC).

It coincides with the Peoples' Assembly demonstration being held in London on the same day.

STUC Deputy General Secretary Dave Moxham said: "To coincide with the People's Assembly event being held in London on the same day, the STUC is throwing its weight behind this major event which will underline the widespread disgust at Tory plans to embed and deepen austerity, as ever targeting the most vulnerable."

Mr Moxham said an application had been made to Glasgow City Council to hold the event and they would announce full details over the next few days following a meeting with the Scottish People's Assembly.

Organisations involved in the People's Assembly include major trade unions, the Radical Independence Campaign, Labour Party Campaign for Socialism, the SNP Trade Union Group, the Communist Party and anti-racist grouping Hope not Hate.

The protest is in response to the newly-formed UK Government.

The Conservatives plan to make further cuts, which includes shedding £12billion from Britain's welfare bill.

The austerity measures are expected to be announced in George Osborne's budget on July 8.

The STUC said it was "vital" that the entire anti-austerity movement in Scotland comes together in Glasgow to show their opposition to the Government plans.

Nearly 2500 people have confirmed they are attending the rally on Facebook.

Buses are expected to run to Glasgow for the event from Scottish towns and cities including Dundee and Aberdeen.