COLD case detectives have urged new witnesses to come forward as they bid to solve the mystery of a Glasgow mum's death.


Marjorie Roberts' body was found in the River Clyde, near Jamaica Bridge, in 1995.

And, as revealed by the Evening Times, despite an investigation, police failed to determine whether Marjorie had fallen into the water or was pushed.

Her shattered family, including sister Elizabeth Roberts, 51, have spent the last 20 years desperate for answers.

Now the mother-of-three's relatives are hopeful new information will lead to a breakthrough in the case.

A senior police source said: "Twenty years have passed, and people's situations may have changed.

"People's loyalties may have changed and now is the time for anyone with information to come forward."

We previously told how police concluded "no criminality has been established".

But Elizabeth, from Cardonald, said the family had been left with "many unanswered questions".

She said: "I'm really hopeful about the future, I feel we may finally get the answers we've been waiting for after all these years."

CCTV footage showed Marjorie with a man on the Broomielaw hours before her body was found.

Weeks later, the same man was accused of trying to push another prostitute into the river.

The victim managed to get away and flagged down a taxi driver, but she didn't want to take any action over the incident.

Elizabeth added: "My sister was murdered and the man who killed her is out there, laughing at us, thinking he has got away with it.

"The man who did this is a beast and a monster.

"He robbed three young children of their mum and took away my sister.

"We want justice. We want answers. We deserve it - for Maj."