A DOCUMENTARY film shot by a group of young graduates in Glasgow will premiere next week.

The film commemorates the life of radical Scottish reformer John Knox who was a clergyman, theologian and writer.

Knox was the leader of the Protestant Reformation and is thought to be the founder of the Presbyterian denomination in Scotland.

He is believed to have been educated at the University of St Andrews and worked as a notary-priest.

The graduates shot the film along with students from Edinburgh and the premiere screening is now set for August 4 in John Knox House on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Trinity Digital Film, recently set up by Murdo Macleod from the Isle of Skye, produced the film, with shooting taking place between September 2014 and January of this year.

Mr Macleod, said: “John Knox is a figure of the greatest controversy, derided and admired in equal parts. But the key thing about this man was that his passion for Scotland was only outranked by his passion for Jesus.

“In today's post-modern world, the intensity of Knox's convictions are electrifying and inspiring.

“Whether you end up loving or hating him, there is something compelling about him and his message. It was this which drew me to make this film and which I believe will draw a big audience to watch it.”

The £29,000 project was predominantly crowd-funded with money raised from as far afield as Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Holland, Hungary, the US and across the UK.

The filming took place on a small budget in Switzerland and Germany as well as places in Scotland and England.

The filmmakers were inspired by Scottish preacher John Knox, who was born 500 years ago but is said to be largely forgotten today.

The film, entitled “Knox”, hopes to retell his story to a new audience, with information on his life supplied by a range of historians and theologians.

Trinity Digital Film has begun taking the film to broadcasters and distributors to reach a wide audience.